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"Please, Captain, not in front of the Klingons." Mr. Spock to Kirk, as Kirk is about to hug him, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.

"I Love Computers"

Ever since I was a little kid I have always loved computers. Growing up my father was a Main Frame Computer technician, back when business servers were the size of refrigerators and Tandy TSR-80 was the must-have machine.

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    Just some of the places I get to work at in Dallas

    Hobbies, Interests and Certifications

    • Alternate Energy and Energy Efficiency
    • Extra Class Amateur Radio License and Member of the Amateur Radio Emergency Services
    • Avid Kayaker and Hiker
    • AMSG, Inc: Certified in World Class Manufacturing
    • KMDigital: Certified Systems Engineer
    • Notifier: Certified Uni-Fire-Net Systems Engineer
    • Johnson Controls: Numerous controller and programming level certification
    • AEE 5-Day Comprehensive CEM Training Course
    • TekAir: Certified Systems Engineer
    • Tool Makers Association: Completion if two years in machinist program
    • Computer Technology Industry Association: A+ Certification


    I'm a huge supporter and participant in the DIY/Maker/Hacker community. I love helping other DIYers with experiments or proofing their instructions, I truly believe in the power of cognitive surplus and harnessing the intellect on a global level.

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    About Me

    The source of peace is within us; so also the source of war. And the real enemy is within us, and not outside. The source of war is not the existence of nuclear weapons or other arms. It is the minds of human beings who decide to push the button and to use those arms out of hatred, anger or greed.

    The Dalai Lama


    Hello, My Name is Adrian Altine, I'm 42 years old and live in Fort Worth, Texas with my wife Katie. We have been married for 19 years. Katie recently started her career in Real Estate. We are all so proud of her. My 12-year-old son Connor is a typical 12 year old never stops moving and enjoys playing with friend, soccer, riding bikes, and staring at his phone. His high energy has made him a great partner for 5K races and mountain biking. My 8-year-old daughter Saige posses the unique gift of wrapping you around her finger from the moment you meet her. She is extra adorable and extra sweet. I believe her sweetness comes from all the candy she consumes. She is ridiculously photogenic and loves to pose, dance, and perform. We also have two dogs. Stray is our oldest baby at 15 years old, she is a Beagle/Terrier Mix. Buck is our baby, he is a year and a half old Golden/Lab Mix. He may look big and tough but is really a big cuddly bear who is scared of his own shadow. Spike is our scaly pet. He is a 6-year-old Bearded Dragon. He is a laid back guy who loves to hang out on someone's shoulder. Spike is great with kids and everyone loves to watch him eat crickets. We have been getting into other pets our adopted Kenyan Sand Boa, Baby Normal Ball Python, assorted fish,  invertebrates, and crustations

    On the Side

    I have quite the busy life. When I'm not working you can find me spending time with my family, building/fixing stuff around the house, at my sons soccer games or hanging out with my friends and neighbors. My current sports interest are kayaking, swimming, hiking and mountain biking. I also enjoy training and working with our big dog Buck to socialize him. My latest adventure is rapid prototyping and 3d printing. I'm constantly building and designing life hacker type items or the occasional fidget spinner. I have also started dabbling in home brewing. I brew beer for myself, wine for my wife and root beer for the kids. It's not only good fun but good science.


    • Building Automation Specialist
    • Energy Management
    • Building System Integration


    • JCI "Above and Beyond" 2014
    • JCI "5 Years of Service" 2013
    • Climatec "Rookie of the Year" 2016
    • Climatec Sales SPIFF 65 Inch TV "Most TSAs Sold in Texas" 2017


    Professional Background

    Climatec, Irving, TX (2/15 - Present)

    Service Sales

    In this position, I build and manages long-term customer relationships/partnerships with customers. I’m responsible for customer satisfaction and quality assurance. Customers rely on me to show Climatec’s value in service to them by providing technical solutions to their business and operational needs. .


    Johnson Controls Inc, Dallas, TX (1/09- 2/15)

    Senior Controls Technician

    As a Senior Controls Technician, my responsibilities include delivery of scheduled maintenance, repair, and installation services. In addition to a Senior Technician, I am tasked with leading the development of the remaining technical workforce and sales team in order enable them to go out into the market and increase our share. I have driven significant pull through into the branch and participated in the development of large controls projects and service agreements that were secured. In this role, I have also become a resource for energy efficient controls strategies, third-party integrations, and built strong relationships with Systems and Solutions counterparts.


    Johnson Controls Inc, Fort Worth, TX (7/08-1/09)

    Senior Controls Technician

    I led service delivery and M&V activities at the City of Fort Worth. In my spare time, I was also able to provide technical support for other local technicians, sales support for the local sales team, and answered 3rd Party system inquiries from Johnson Controls employees throughout the country.


    Johnson Controls Inc, Roswell, Ga (7/05-7/08)

    O&M Instrumentation and Calibration Technician III

    I performed technical support for local technicians, sales team, and other branches as an integration specialist. I was instrumental in helping the local branch increase market share by capturing service, installation, and upgrade work on 3rd Party non-Johnson Controls systems.


    Automation Support, McDonough, GA (5/02-7/05)

    Field Service Engineer

    I created annual, semi-annual, and monthly preventative maintenance programs for mechanical and controls equipment and systems. Designed and installed graphical user interface programming and networking for other staff members use. Was a key player in keeping customer satisfaction high, training for both internal and customer staff, and manage contractors who were installing system additions. Lastly, handle all onsite and on-call service requests and work orders.


    Integrated Systems, Stone Mountain, GA (10/99-5/02)

    Field Service Engineer

    I was responsible for various on-site installation and maintenance activities including the review of engineered drawings and submittal for final approval, beta test third-party graphical user interface programs, set up and manage maintenance programs, and provide a migration path for older, obsolete, parts of the system.


    Expertise and Relevant Skills:

    Installed, provided repair services, and sold upgrades and expansions of the following systems and products:

    Johnson Controls Metasys and PMI, Siemens, Alerton, YORK ISN and YORK ConnecSys, T.A.C., Andover, Omrom, Direct Logic, H.I. Solutions, American Auto-Matrix, KMDigital, Integrated Systems, Notifier, SimplexGrinnell, Northern Computers, Westinghouse, ABB, Danfoss, and Eaton.


    Provided formal and informal technical support to team members of various backgrounds and skill sets

    Develop, install, and manage energy solutions delivered by the service organization

    Specialize in integration of various systems manufactured by different organizations

    Specialized in the management of Building Automation Systems for lab environments

    Training frontline employees various sales skills in order to secure more pull through work

    Able to troubleshoot computer hardware and software problems

    Proficient with most computer software and very quick to learn new ones

    Understand computer networking and other connectivity processes

    Can build from scratch user specific workstations and servers

    Strong electrical background

    Capable of trouble shooting expensive electronics down to the component level

    Good at generating new business leads and cultivating existing relationships

    Capable of self management or management of larger teams


    Professional References:

    Hunt Oil Consolidated

    Ben Tyner – Building Operations Manager

    Jack Fairey – Chief Building Engineer

    I helped them reduce their electrical expenditures $45K per month, provided relevant data as part of the application for BOMA’s “The Building of the Year (TOBY)” award. Hunt Oil Consolidated was a Regional Winner, Corporate Facility - First Place in 2011 and 2012, and The Building of the Year (TOBY) Local Winner, Corporate Facility - First Place in 2011 and 2012. They also achieved recognition as a BOMA 360 Performance Building, and an Energy Star building. Last but not least, in 2011 Hunt Oil Consolidated participated in the Johnson Controls FY12 Service North America kickoff meeting as a customer providing feedback to the entire North America management and leadership team.


    BlueCross BlueShield of Texas

    Keith White – Facilities Asset Manager

    Helped the organization transition from construction to daily operation of a 1M sq ft campus and found ways to drive down energy use. As a result of this approach from the construction period forward, the building’s electrical power aggregator was unable to place them in a specific category due to the well below average energy use per square foot. In 2011 BlueCross BlueShield of Texas participated in the Johnson Controls FY12 Service North America kickoff meeting as a customer providing feedback to the entire North America management and leadership team.


    Microsoft Texas (CBRE)

    Chris Staggs – Facilities Manager

    George Berney – Lead Engineer

    With the implementation of scheduling, resets, and improved tower sequencing. We have reduced the monthly energy spend for their facility 25% over the last 5 years.


    Johnson Controls, Inc References

    Julian Palacios – Service Manager, Milwaukee, WI

    Charles Lee – Service Sales, Dallas, TX

    Satesh Patel – Major Projects Manager, Dallas, TX

    Peter Geist – Territory Sales Manager, Atlanta, GA

    Bill Gilbert – Systems Lead System Specialist, Dallas, TX

    William Furr – Service Projects, Atlanta, GA


    Competitor Reference

    Ken Stanley—ACIS Site Forman Blue Cross Blue Shield, Richardson, TX


    Contractor Reference

    William Higginbotham—Real Networks, Dallas, TX (927) 207 - 6082

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